Ministry Consulting & Pastoral Coaching

MWE Provides Ministry Consulting to Help Pastors: speaking_men

  • Develop a Compelling Church Vision
  • Implement Strategic Action Plans
  • Reach Greater Levels of Membership Involvement
  • Achieve Sustained Spiritual, Numerical and Financial Growth

MWE Provides Coaching and Mentoring for Pastors:

There is no higher calling than for one to be appointed by God to the office of Senior Pastor. When one has been called to preach and entrusted with this responsibility the accountability of that person intensifies exponentially. Leading and developing God’s people are some of the most enjoyable experiences one can be called to do. In spite of that joy, senior pastors sometimes serve under stress and strain. As a matter of fact the middle name of many senior pastors is “Suffering Servant.” As such, senior pastors face some of the following challenges:

  • Marriages are stressed because of the responsibilities of the ministry and some end in divorce.
  • Spouses and children must share their parent with many others and some pastoral families develop resentment against the church for having to do so.
  • Some pastors struggle with time-management; especially those who are bi-vocational.
  • Some pastors are unnecessarily challenged with administrative and staff management issues.
  • Some pastors are stressed with difficult leaders and unfaithful members.
  • Some get burned out and consider resigning and some even contemplate leaving the ministry.

As a result of these issues and others:

  • Senior pastors are some of the most hurting persons in the church.
  • Senior pastors are some of the loneliest persons in the church.
  • Senior pastors need someone they can trust their hurts and pains with, but many have no one.

Dr. Woods has served in ministry leadership since 1977, with 25 years in pastoral service. As a result, he is keenly aware of the joys and sorrows of leading a church. Dr. Woods desires to be a resource for pastors in order to provide a listening ear to them and then respond with wise counsel. All is done in a compassionate way and in the strictest of confidence. Dr. Woods will communicate with the pastor and do a careful personal analysis of his total life situation. Dr. Woods will then engage the pastor in a series of sessions that are designed to help the senior minister overcome the issues identified in the discovery process. These sessions are held in person and by telephone.

    • A monthly retainer is determined to secure these services.
    • The client can cancel services at any time with a 30 day written notice.


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