Payments & Tuition

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Please use this convenience form to make an online Payment to MWE via PayPal/Debit/Credit Card.

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Fee Schedule

Class Tuition $240.00         Late Enrollment $10.00         Returned Check Fee $30.00

Either your complete tuition or your first installment must be made by Friday, January 12th to avoid the Late Fee of $10.00. If you need other payment arrangements, beyond what is described, please contact our office at 770-972-0091.

Tuition for all classes is $240.00 per course, for the semester!

We have three Payment Options.
All Installment Plans have a Service Fee.
  • 1-Payment-Plan: $240.00 by Jan. 12
  • 2-Payment-Plan: $125.00 Jan. 12 and $125.00 by Feb. 9
  • 4-Payment-Plan: $65.00 by Jan. 12; $65.00 by Jan. 26; $65.00 by Feb. 9; $65.00 by Feb. 23

All Installment Plans above include a Service Fee.

Tuition payments can be made online using the convenient payment form to the left with credit or debit card. They can also be sent to our office by mail in the form of a check or money order. Regardless of the means of payment, tuition must be made by its due date. If not it is subject to the Late Fee of $10.00.

<<  To make a partial payment now, please use the form to the left.

Please be reminded that textbook costs are in addition to Tuition. Instruction for the purchase of textbooks for the course are found on each course page.

Refund Policy

  • Any student who submits a written statement of withdrawal from a class will receive a refund. The withdrawal request can be submitted either in person, by email or by postal service.
  • If a student withdraws before class begins, the one-time application fee and a $20.00 drop fee will be assessed, in addition to the percentages described below.
  • In the event of a class being cancelled, a student will receive a full refund of all unearned tuition.
  • If a student terminates immediately before the second class session, 80% of all unearned tuition will be refunded.
  • If a student terminates immediately before the third class session, 70% of all unearned tuition will be refunded.
  • No refunds will be issued after the third week of class.